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Spellbound Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • This is the famous dream sequence designed by artist Salvador Dali. It starts with a close-up of JB's head… and then you see (supposedly) into his head where the dreams are.
  • There are images of eyes. JB says he's in a gambling house with walls replaced by curtains with eyes painted on them.
  • He says a man with giant scissors is cutting the drapes in half (and you see the images as he talks about them).
  • A girl in scanty clothes is walking around kissing everyone.
  • Back in the real world, Brulov asks if he recognized the kissing girl; he says she looked like Constance.
  • Brulov says, hey, that's totally normal, you crazy kid.
  • And back to the dream. JB says he is sitting playing cards with a man with a beard.
  • JB turns up the 7 of clubs; the dude with a beard says he wins because he has 21, but the cards are blank.
  • The proprietor comes in; he's a guy with a stocking or mask covering his face. He accuses beard guy of cheating and threatens him.
  • And cut back to the office, where Brulov apologizes for dreaming of Constance as a "kissing bug," and asks her what the dream means.
  • She says they don't know yet, but they'll figure it out.
  • So, back to the dream, which has suddenly switched locations.
  • Now JB says he sees the man with the beard leaning over a sloping roof. Beard guy falls off, and JB sees the proprietor hiding behind a chimney with a wheel in his hand.
  • JB says he's running, and then hears wings chasing him, but he comes to the bottom of the hill. Then he woke up.
  • And back in the office, he says he doesn't remember anything else.
  • Suddenly he says something is happening.
  • They figure out that he's scared by the snow, visible through the window, and by children sledding outside.
  • Constance realizes JB is afraid of parallel lines because they remind him of ski tracks.
  • They realize that Edwardes probably took him skiing, since that's a thing Edwardes often did with his patients.
  • JB faints again, breaking a coffee cup.
  • Cut to a little later, JB is out of it, but Brulov and Constance try to study his dream to figure out where Dr. Edwardes took him skiing.
  • They figure that the dream means that Edwardes fell over a cliff.
  • They think the dream is trying to tell them the name of the resort; they think the winged figure might be an angel.
  • JB remember that they went skiing at Gabriel Valley.
  • JB wants to call the police, but Constance says they need to go to Gabriel Valley together on a ski trip.
  • Most analysis does not involve vacation jaunts and ski trips. But this is Hollywood.

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