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Spellbound Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • The scene starts at the police station, where a photograph of Constance has just arrived for the investigating detective.
  • Better get on those skis soon, heroes.
  • Back to Brulov's, where JB still wants to turn himself over to the police.
  • There's a lot of argument and swelling strings.
  • Constance says he's guilty about something from his childhood, and that if they go back to the site of the ski accident he'll remember everything.
  • JB points out that if he killed Edwardes, he'll probably kill again if put in the same situation.
  • But Constance says she believes in him.
  • Brulov looks really uncomfortable.
  • At the police station the detectives figure out that Constance is the woman they've been searching for…

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