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Spellbound Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • You get a glimpse of a police telegram; it shows that Constance and JB are under surveillance.
  • You see a car driving, which is maybe supposed to be the police on their way?
  • Anyway, cut to a ski lodge, where JB's telling Constance everything he remembers about himself.
  • He went to Columbia Medical School and his name is John Ballantyne.
  • He was invalided out of the army because of a nervous condition after his plane was shot down. He asked Edwardes to help him, and the two went skiing together.
  • He says that he saw Edwardes go over the cliff, though the details are a little foggy (conveniently, since there are still a couple of twists left).
  • The death triggered his guilt complex, gave him amnesia, and made him think he was Dr. Edwardes.
  • Improbable? Sure. But that's the movies.
  • There is some flirting, and lots of the love theme music.
  • He asks her to marry him.
  • But! Then the police show up. They say they've found Edwardes' body right where Ballantyne told them it would be.
  • Unfortunately, he was shot.
  • They arrest Ballantyne for the murder.
  • There's a quick montage here of Constance trying to plead for Ballantyne's life.
  • You don't see it, but he apparently confessed to the murder. She's convinced he did so out of mental distress.
  • Ingrid Bergman emotes and then emotes some more. She promises to free him.
  • That's a lot of melodrama packed into a minute or so of screen time.

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