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Spellbound Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • The scene returns to Green Manors, a little bit in the future. Constance is being comforted by Brulov.
  • Brulow tells her that Ballantyne did commit the murder.
  • Also, he wants her to stop working on the case. But she says she never will.
  • Brulov fixed things for her with Dr. Murchison.
  • He tries to comfort her by telling her she'll forget, which doesn't seem like the thing to say, really. But at least he's not insulting her for being a woman, so that's a relief.
  • Dr. Murchison comes in to tell Brulov his car is ready.
  • Then Murchison encourages Constance to forget what happened.
  • She says that she's pleased he's still in charge at Green Manors. She says she doesn't know what would have happened at Green Manors under Edwardes.
  • And he responds that he knew Edwardes a little, and didn't like him, but that he was a good man.
  • He leaves, and Constance realizes that Murchison just said he knew Edwardes. If so, why didn't he reveal the impostor immediately?
  • There's a helpful voiceover of Murchison saying he knew Edwardes, just in case you missed the important plot point.
  • Constance goes to her bag, gets her reading glasses, and goes over Ballantyne's dream again.
  • She goes out the door determinedly and up the stairs to Murchison's room.
  • Bad move, Constance.
  • Murchison's in his office. She says she must talk to him about Ballantyne's dream.
  • She tells him about the dream with the people playing cards and the kissing bug. Murchison says it could be Green Manors itself (remember, the film opens with the inmates playing cards).
  • Constance says that she thinks it's Green Manors.
  • The eyes painted on the curtains are the guards at Green Manors, Murchison says.
  • The bearded man is Edwardes, and the 7 of clubs refers to a club, the 21 Club.
  • The proprietor who threatened Dr. Edwardes, Murchison says, is Murchison himself.
  • Murchison asks if Constance has told anyone else. She says no. Her instinct for self-preservation is poor.
  • She goes on to tell the rest of the dream about the roof, and concludes that Murchison shot Edwardes on the ski slope.
  • She also says that the dream showed the proprietor with a wheel. She says that the wheel is a revolver, and that it's still out there in the snow with the murderer's fingerprints.
  • Surely the police searched the slope already?
  • Oh well, sometimes you've got to overlook the plot holes when you're this close to the end.
  • Oops, but it turns out the weapon isn't on the slope: Murchison pulls it out of his desk and points it at her.
  • He says the police won't believe her story, but she argues that the authorities can find out from people who were at the 21 Club that Murchison had an argument with Edwardes.
  • He's toast. Except for that whole bit where he's holding a gun on her.
  • Murchison threatens to kill her. Constance, though, tells him he won't be executed for killing Edwardes because of his mental illness, but he'd be executed for a second one.
  • You get a stylish shot from Murchison's viewpoint of the gun tracking Constance as she leaves the room.
  • Then the pistol turns around, and fires into the camera.
  • That means Murchison killed himself.

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