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Spellbound Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Cut to Fleurot, Constance, Murchison, and the other doctors sitting at dinner. They discuss Edwardes, whom they find impressive. (How could they not? He's Gregory Peck.)
  • Edwardes himself comes in and then the big love theme starts up, letting you know that he and Constance are falling in love at first sight.
  • Constance actually looks somewhat ill. Love at first sight can hit you like that.
  • They talk about the grounds, and Constance mentions she's very fond of winter sports (that'll come up again).
  • Constance has plans for a swimming pool on the grounds and shows Edwardes the shape by drawing with her fork on the tablecloth.
  • The happy love theme switches to an eerie oooohhheeeeeeeoooohhhh. That's the sound of a spooky electronic instrument called the theremin.
  • Edwardes is freaked out by the fork marks on the tablecloth and gets insulting and belligerent. "I take it that the supply of linen in this institution is inexhaustible!" he says crankily.
  • Everyone looks at him like he's crazy. And you don't want psychiatrists looking at you like you're crazy. It's ominous.
  • Constance tries to cover up the awkwardness by babbling about her teacher Dr. Brulov (who shows up later).
  • While she's talking, Edwardes rubs out the fork marks, which Constance finds odd.

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