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Spellbound Scene 8

Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Cut to a woman who must be Edwardes' assistant explaining to the doctors and police in the background that the man she talked to on the phone wasn't Edwardes.
  • She has a picture of Edwardes too; it's a different dude than Gregory Peck.
  • Dr. Murchison has somehow figured out that the impostor is an amnesia case.
  • He's also certain that JB killed Edwardes, which he may well have for all we know… except that you don't cast Gregory Peck to play the bad guy.
  • Cut to Constance's room; she sees the letter on the floor and is about to go pick it up when the buzzer goes off and the doctors and police all troop in.
  • The police question her and seem suspicious, but she puts them off. They go to search the grounds.
  • Murchison stays behind to see that she's all right, and then sees the note on the floor… which he picks up and hands to her.
  • Constance closes the door and opens the note.
  • You can tell it's from JB because the love theme whooshes up.
  • The note says he went to the Empire State Hotel in New York.

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