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Spider-Man Fandoms

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Let's cut to the chase: Spider-Man's fan base is huge.

The wall-crawler made his comic-book debut in 1963; that's a lot of time to gain a devoted fan following. As a result, fans of Spider-Man movies fall into two main groups: comic-book purists and the movies-only crowd.

For those Marvel fans who've been following Spidey's adventures on the page, Spider-Man serves up plenty of Easter eggs. For starters, there's Stan Lee's cameo at the World Unity Festival. The Marvel maestro makes an appearance in almost every Marvel film, dating all the way back to 1989's TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. (Source)

The fan service doesn't stop there, though. When Peter brainstorms costume ideas, for example, one of his rejected drawings is of Stingray, another Marvel hero. When he can't figure out how to make his webs work, he tries borrowing the catchphrases of DC Comics' Superman ("Up, up, and away, web!") and Shazam ("Shazam!").

These are just two examples from the treasure trove of pop culture references, cameos, and comic-book deep cuts hidden throughout Spider-Man for Spidey fans to find.

Think you caught them all? Think again.

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