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Spider-Man Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Norman is at home in his penthouse, having a drink in his bathrobe, when he hears a voice talking to him. The voice sure sounds a lot like, well, Norman.
  • He tracks the voice down, and it is him. Norman has a long conversation with himself in the mirror—except it's not himself he's talking to, it's the Green Goblin—even though it just looks like a crazy dude in a bathrobe talking to himself in the mirror.
  • The Green Goblin tells Norman that he, the Green Goblin, is Norman's greatest creation: he says what Norman won't and does what Norman can't.
  • Oh, and BTW, they killed Balkan and Fargas yesterday. Norman doesn't remember doing it. Seems pretty clear ol' Norm has a split personality.
  • The Green Goblin also says that there's only one person who can stop them. Unless, get this, what if he joined them? Seems pretty clear that one person is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
  • Over at the Daily Bugle, Jameson proudly shows Peter the latest front page and takes credit for giving the Green Goblin his sobriquet.
  • Peter tells Jameson that he's slandering Spider-Man by claiming in the paper that Spidey was out to do harm—Spider-Man was trying to save lives.
  • Jameson corrects Peter. That's not slander; in print, it's libel. Then he chucks the end of his cigar out the window. He's a real charmer.
  • Just as Peter is leaving, the cigar butt comes flying back in the window. It's followed by the Green Goblin on his glider, who busts through the wall of Jameson's office, grabs him in a choke hold, and demands to know who takes pictures of Spider-Man.
  • Jameson claims he doesn't know; they get sent in by mail. Maybe he's not so bad, after all. Peter watches from the hallway; then Spider-Man suddenly appears outside the window.
  • The Green Goblin sprays a mist at Spider-Man that makes him pass out. He tumbles toward the street below. The Green Goblin scoops him up on his glider and flies away.
  • Cut to a rooftop. It's nighttime, and Spider-Man is slumped against a skylight.
  • The Green Goblin informs him that he's not dead—yet. He's just temporarily paralyzed.
  • Being immobilized means Spider-Man just has to sit there and listen while the Green Goblin unleashes a monologue.
  • The gist? According to Gobby, he and Spider-Man aren't that different. Also, the people of New York will one day turn on Spider-Man, despite all the sacrifices he makes for them.
  • Gee, that kind of sounds like the experience of a certain deposed Oscorp exec we know.
  • Finally, the Green Goblin thinks they should team up and work together. He doesn't really explain what they'd be teaming up to accomplish, but we're willing to bet it's not good.
  • The Daily Bugle is being delivered around the city. One headline proclaims that the Green Goblin and Spider-Man terrorized the Bugle offices.
  • Another paper says that Spider-Man is a wanted man and citizens are calling for his arrest. Peter spots a copy. He looks seriously bummed out, and the Green Goblin's words replay in his head: "in spite of everything you've done for them, eventually, they will hate you."
  • Peter meets Mary Jane outside of an audition. She says it didn't go well.
  • Peter offers to take her out for a burger. She says that sounds great until she remembers she has dinner plans with Harry.
  • She invites Peter to come, too, because who doesn't love playing third wheel to your roommate and the next-door neighbor you've been in love with literally your entire life?
  • Peter says thanks, but no thanks. Then he asks how things are going with Harry but stops himself. It's none of his business.
  • Seemingly out of nowhere, Mary Jane then begins flirting with him, teasing him about his interest in her relationship. How weird is it? She ends by saying, "I'd better run, tiger." Tiger?
  • Mary Jane leaves and is followed down the street by a gang of thugs. They surround her in a dark alley and start making kissing noises and barking at her. We see Peter chasing after them from above and changing into his Spidey suit.
  • The gang rips off M.J.'s coat. She tries to fight back, and one of them pulls a knife.
  • Just then, Spider-Man shows up, sans mask, and beats up the thugs. They run away.
  • M.J. approaches Spider-Man, but he disappears down another alley only to reappear, hanging upside down off the building, mask intact.
  • Mary Jane pulls down the bottom of the mask and gives him a passionate kiss. He's upside down. It's raining. This must be torture on Peter's sinuses.
  • Spider-Man disappears. M.J. is giddy. Sorry, Harry.

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