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Spider-Man Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • An apartment building is on fire. A frantic woman argues with the firefighters—her baby is still in there!
  • Wait! Here comes Spider-Man. He saves the baby and returns it to its super grateful mother. The police try to arrest him. That seems fair.
  • More screams erupt from the fiery apartment building above. Spider-Man says he's going in, and he's sure as heck not coming back to get arrested. The cop hesitates but tells him to go.
  • Inside the building, Spider-Man locates the screaming woman—only that's no woman, it's the Green Goblin. He wants to know if Spider-Man has considered his offer to team up. He has; the answer is a big, fat no.
  • Spider-Man and the Green Goblin fight in the burning building. They trade kicks and throw punches; the Green Goblin throws spinning blades.
  • Spider-Man dodges all but one, and that one tears his sleeve. The Green Goblin tells Spider-Man that no one says "no" to him.
  • The scene cuts to Norman, woozy, riding the elevator up to Harry and Peter's apartment. Inside, Harry and M.J. scramble to tidy things up while Aunt May toils away in the kitchen. It's Thanksgiving.
  • Harry introduces Norman to Mary Jane. It's the first time they've met—if you don't count when the Green Goblin almost killed her at the World Unity Festival, of course. Mary Jane looks super uncomfortable.
  • Now the only one missing is Peter. Spider-Man swings down the street and into Peter's bedroom with a thud.
  • Aunt May says that's weird; she didn't know Peter was home all this time. Speaking of weird, the whole gang goes up to Peter's room to investigate, even Norman.
  • Peter, in his Spider-Man costume, minus the mask, sticks to the ceiling, out of sight.
  • A single drop of blood from the cut on his arm splashes on the floor. Norman turns around, having heard.
  • Say what you will about those Oscorp performance enhancers, but they do wonders for one's hearing. Norman looks at the blood, then looks up at the ceiling. Peter's not there.
  • Norman snarls like the Green Goblin and goes to the window. He looks up and down, but Peter is stuck under the balcony, out of sight.
  • Peter bursts into the apartment's front door and apologizes for being late. He got caught up trying to snag some cranberries.
  • Everybody takes their seats. Aunt May puts the bird on the table and asks Norman to do the honors. Yeah, Aunt May, we're not sure that handing that guy a giant knife is the best idea ever.
  • Aunt May notices that Peter's forearm is bleeding; it's starting to stain his shirt. Norman looks at it suspiciously.
  • Peter lies and says he got clipped by a bike messenger. Norman looks at it even more suspiciously and asks Peter to repeat how he got it. Peter reiterates that it was a bike messenger, and Norman suddenly says he has to go.
  • Out in the hall, Harry digs into Norman for ditching the holiday dinner he arranged specifically so Norman could meet M.J.
  • Norman tells Harry she's just after his money and advises his son to use her for what he wants, then dump her.
  • M.J. can hear the whole conversation from inside the apartment. So can Peter and Aunt May.
  • When Harry goes back inside, Mary Jane calls Norman a creep. Harry disagrees and tells Mary Jane to shut up about stuff she doesn't understand. M.J. leaves, and Aunt May admonishes Harry.

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