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Spider-Man Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Back at his penthouse, Norman's Green Goblin mask tells him that, although Spider-Man is invincible, Peter isn't. They're going to hit him where it hurts: the heart. (Not literally.)
  • Also, we're pretty sure the mask isn't literally talking to Norman, either.
  • Even though it's perched atop a chair and Norman is addressing it directly—even getting down on his hands and knees in front of it—it still seems like we're supposed to understand that the voice is in his head, and Norm has lost it.
  • Cut to the Parker household. Aunt May is kneeling beside her bed, saying her bedtime prayers and looking at a photo of Uncle Ben. Aww.
  • Just then, the Green Goblin interrupts her, blowing up the entire side of her bedroom and hovering there on his glider.
  • He demands that Aunt May finish her prayer, the Lord's Prayer, because she was just about to say the "deliver us from evil" part, and Gobby is proud to be evil. She obliges.
  • Cut to Aunt May's hospital room. Peter rushes in.
  • She's pretty out of it, and while the nurses say that she'll be okay, they don't tell Peter what, exactly, is wrong.
  • "Those eyes! Those horrible yellow eyes!" Aunt May moans as Peter is ushered right back out of the room. Out in the hall, Peter realizes that the Green Goblin knows who he is.
  • Later that night, Peter sits by Aunt May while she sleeps. He holds her hand. A framed photo of Peter, Aunt May, and Uncle Ben sits by her bedside.
  • Peter gazes at the photo and then apologizes to Aunt May.

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