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Spider-Man Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • The next day, Mary Jane comes to visit Aunt May with Peter. Aunt May is asleep.
  • Peter asks how things panned out with Harry. M.J. says he called, but she ignored it. She thinks she's in love with somebody else, anyway.
  • Aunt May opens her eyes just a smidge and smiles.
  • Turns out, M.J. thinks she's in love with Spider-Man. Peter tells her that he knows him; he's kind of his unofficial photographer.
  • M.J. wants to know if Spider-Man has asked about her. Peter says he has; he wanted to know what Peter thought of her.
  • Naturally, M.J. wants to know what Peter told Spider-Man, so Peter tells M.J. that, in a nutshell, he thinks Mary Jane is the most amazing creature to walk the earth.
  • M.J. can't believe that Peter said all that awesome stuff about her, and she looks deep into his eyes.
  • Aunt May opens her eyes and smiles, and then she closes them again. Mary Jane takes Peter's hand.
  • Harry comes in with a bouquet of flowers. Peter abruptly drops M.J.'s hand, but Harry definitely saw them. He doesn't look too stoked about it.
  • Harry arrives home and hears weird cackling coming from upstairs. He calls after his dad. Norman shows up, and Harry tells him that he was right about M.J.
  • She's in love with Peter, and Peter's in love with her. In fact, Peter has been in love with her since they were kids; there's nobody he cares about more.
  • You can practically hear the Green Goblin's glider start its engine up on the roof or in the glider stable or wherever it is you keep a stolen military-grade glider prototype.
  • Norman tells Harry he's sorry about M.J. and that he's sorry for being such a crappy dad. He's proud of Harry, and he's going to make things right. They hug it out.
  • Back at the hospital, Peter is asleep, facedown in his homework at Aunt May's bedside. She wakes him up and tells him to go home; she's safe there.
  • She also admits to overhearing the tender moment that he and M.J. shared. She suggests that Peter tell M.J. how he really feels about her—after all, everybody else already knows.
  • Recognition flashes across Peter's face. If everybody knows he loves M.J., that means the Green Goblin knows he loves M.J., and that means she's his next target.
  • Peter rushes to a pay phone, but he gets M.J.'s answering machine.
  • Peter leaves a message, hoping that Mary Jane is actually home and picks up. The Green Goblin picks up and asks if Spider-Man can come out to play. It's on.

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