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Spider-Man Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Mary Jane wakes up on top of the Queensboro Bridge. The Green Goblin glides past a suspended Roosevelt Island Tramway car full of kids. Then he blows up the base of the bridge.
  • The tram car's suspension line breaks, and it plummets toward the river below. The Green Goblin grabs it.
  • Spider-Man swings into action and finds the Green Goblin standing atop the bridge. He has the tram cable in one hand and Mary Jane dangling off the side of the bridge in the other.
  • The Green Goblin gleefully tells Spider-Man he must choose: the love of his life or a tram car full of innocent kids. Then he lets go of M.J. and the tramway cable simultaneously.
  • We see M.J. falling toward the water in slow motion. Very dramatic. Peter dashes after her and saves her.
  • Guess he made his choi—wait, what's this? Peter keeps swinging and saves the tram car, too.
  • He and M.J. hang from a web stuck to the bottom of the bridge that Spider-Man is holding in his left hand; in his right hand, he's holding on to the tram car by its cable.
  • It's still way too high above the water for anyone to jump to safety. A nearby barge heads over to intercept the tram
  • The web attached to the bridge starts to give; Spider-Man tells Mary Jane to climb down to the tram. She doesn't think she can do it, but Spider-Man assures her that she can. He's right, of course.
  • The Green Goblin flies by and tries to take out Spider-Man, or at least make him drop the tram. Spider-Man fends him off.
  • A large crowd of people has gathered on the bridge, and they're hurling stuff at the Green Goblin. "You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!" shouts one proud New Yorker.
  • We assume the debris they're throwing is from the bridge's destruction; either that, or they all carry around a bunch of broken pipes on the regular.
  • Spider-Man safely lowers the tram car onto the barge. Mary Jane and the kids are okay. Phew. All the New Yorkers cheer like mad for their main man, Spidey.
  • Guess the Green Goblin was wrong about how people would treat Spider-Man.
  • The Green Goblin flies by and lassos Spider-Man. He flings him into an abandoned building, then he launches a pumpkin bomb at him. It explodes in Spider-Man's face, ripping off part of his mask.
  • Spider-Man and the Green Goblin trade punches. Actually, it's more like the Green Goblin just beats up on Spider-Man.
  • Spider-Man slows him down with a web, but that's about it. The Green Goblin launches Spider-Man into a brick wall. Spidey tries to shoot a web, but the Green Goblin steps on his wrist.
  • The Green Goblin tells Spider-Man it's over, and, since he was so selfish and ticked off the Green Goblin, he's going to kill M.J. nice and slow.
  • Then he tries to stab Spider-Man in the face with a trident, like you do, but Spider-Man summons the strength to stop him.
  • Spider-Man throws the Green Goblin into another brick wall and then uses his web to send the wall crashing down on the Green Goblin.
  • The Green Goblin climbs out, and Spider-Man starts wailing on him. The Green Goblin rips off his mask. Norman tells Peter to protect him from the Green Goblin.
  • Norman says that it wasn't him doing all the killing; it was the Green Goblin.
  • While Norman pleads with Peter, he secretly presses a button on his flight suit, and his glider appears, behind Peter.
  • Peter can't see it. Either that's not Norman talking to Peter, or Norman and the Green Goblin have finally merged into one single and seriously evil dude.
  • Next, Norman claims that he's been like a father to him, so Peter should be like a son to him now, which we're assuming means he think Peter should let him go.
  • Peter says he has a dad: his name was Ben Parker.
  • Aww.
  • Norman's face changes. "Godspeed, Spider-Man," he says, and his glider comes flying toward Peter, blades at the ready.
  • Peter jumps out of the way, and Norman gets impaled by his own glider.
  • Peter watches as Norman dies. Before he kicks the bucket, Norman asks Peter not to tell Harry.
  • Cut to the Osborn penthouse. Spider-Man lays Norman's corpse on the couch.
  • Harry walks in. "What have you done?" he yells, grabbing a gun. But Spider-Man is already gone.

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