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Spider-Man Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • At Norman's funeral, Peter offers his condolences to his roommate. Harry vows revenge on Spider-Man, then tells Peter he's the only family he has.
  • Well, that's all going to turn out well, we're sure.
  • Peter visits Uncle Ben's grave. Mary Jane comes over and gives him a hug. Then she confesses that when she was on top of the Queensboro Bridge and she was afraid she was going to die, she was thinking of him.
  • Not Spider-Man. Peter.
  • Then she tells him she loves him. They smooch it up. In a cemetery.
  • Peter tells us via a voice-over that he wanted to tell her he loves her. But he tells Mary Jane that he'll always be her friend. That's all he has to give. She cries. He leaves. What the what??
  • M.J. touches her lips and gives off a look that says, "Hang on…did I kiss Peter upside down in an alley after I almost got assaulted while he was dressed up as Spider-Man and his nose was filling up with rainwater?"
  • You know, that look. She watches Peter walk away.
  • We watch Peter walk away, too, and through more voice-over, he tells us that, no matter what happens, he'll never forget Uncle Ben's words: "with great power comes great responsibility."
  • It's his gift and his curse. You know why? Because he's Spider-Man, y'all.
  • Cut to Spider-Man soaring through the streets of New York. He pauses on a flagpole next to an enormous American flag, then swings straight into the camera.

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