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Spider-Man Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Inside the Columbia science department, Peter and his fellow Midtown High seniors wander around the lab while a scientist explains the work on spiders that they're doing. The Reader's Digest version is this: they've genetically engineered 15 super spiders that combine the best traits from a handful of other spiders.
  • These all-star spiders are super strong, can jump great distances, and have an awareness of danger so acute that it borders on precognition—a "spider sense," explains the scientist.
  • When Peter tries to take a pic of one of the spiders for the school paper, Flash bumps him, ruining the shot.
  • When he tries again later, one of Flash's equally jerky friends nudges him.
  • Harry tells them to back off, and they mock Harry for being rich, asking him what his daddy's going to do about things. Just then, the teacher comes by and tells them to quiet down and break it up.
  • Peter rattles off some spidery facts to Harry, who's unimpressed.
  • They spot Mary Jane looking at the super spiders, and Harry says that if Peter won't go talk to her, he will.
  • Harry then rattles off the spider knowledge Peter just dropped to M.J., who is impressed. Turns out, she's the rare teenage girl who just loves arachnids.
  • Mary Jane, No. 1 spider fan, notices that there are only 14 genetically engineered super spiders in the case, not the 15 the scientist has been bragging about.
  • The scientist says the researchers must be working on that one now. She's not very convincing, and the camera pans to a super spider building a web in the ceiling.
  • The teacher pulls Harry away to chew him out for talking through the entire presentation, leaving Mary Jane and Peter behind.
  • Peter asks M.J. if he can take her picture for the paper, explaining that he needs a shot of the lab with a student in it. Sure you do, Pete.
  • Mary Jane hams it up by the spider case, and Peter takes a bunch of pics. While they have their photo shoot, the missing super spider descends from the ceiling and bites Peter's hand. Then it scurries away.
  • The teacher calls to Peter to catch up with the rest of the group, and he exits the shot, which lingers on a monitor that conveniently sums up the mad skills these super spiders have: super speed and strength, web tensile strength, and precognitive spider sense.
  • Thanks, exposition television!

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