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Spider-Man Madness

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What drives you? Maybe it's a desire to be the best tuba player in the tri-state area. Maybe you want to make your parents proud. Maybe you want to be rich and famous (with or without your tuba skills).

The point is, everybody is motivated by something, and for Norman, that something is power. It consumes him so wholly that, ironically, it splits him in two. Faced with the prospect of losing his company, Norman goes mad—and the Green Goblin is born. His descent is quick and violent, and the line between Norman and the Green Goblin becomes blurrier with every insult and pumpkin bomb he hurls.

Questions About Madness

  1. When do Norman and the Green Goblin merge? Were they ever really two distinct personalities?
  2. Compare Norman's alter ego to Peter's alter ego. How are they similar? How are they different?
  3. Is Norman a sympathetic character at all?
  4. Why doesn't the Green Goblin kill Peter when he knocks him out at the Daily Bugle offices?

Chew on This

When Norman is ousted by the Oscorp board of directors, the Green Goblin is born.

Norman Osborn is a tragic figure.

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