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Spider-Man Sacrifice

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Quick, name a happily married superhero.

You can't, can you? Superheroes and happily ever after don't really mix, and here's why:

First, superheroes are married to their jobs. You think Peter can ever just chill out and watch the Knicks game on a Saturday night? Second, their loved ones will always, always be targets. Sure, superheroes can have a significant other, but you can bet your spandex suit that there will be a line of nemeses curving around the block, just waiting to whack their husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Superheroes like Spider-Man sacrifice their personal lives for the greater good.

Questions About Sacrifice

  1. Is it possible for a superhero like Spider-Man to have a personal life? How about a supervillain like the Green Goblin?
  2. What sort of sacrifices does M.J. make?
  3. Why is Peter cool with Harry using his spider trivia to woo Mary Jane during the field trip?
  4. What has Norman sacrificed for Oscorp? Setting aside the whole murder aspect, is he right to be so miffed at Fargas, Balkan, and the rest of the board?

Chew on This

Love equals sacrifice—especially for superheroes.

It's not a flawed batch of performance enhancers that turns Norman into the Green Goblin; it's the indignity he feels after being forced out of the company for which he sacrificed so much.

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