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This Is Spinal Tap Fandoms

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This is Spinal Tap doesn't have fans as much as it has groupies. Yeah, for every movie buff who loves this film for its memorable lines and dead-on performances, there's someone else who loves it because "Heavy Duty" speaks to their soul. It appeals to fans and critics of heavy metal music alike. It also appeals to people who have no idea what's going on, but really like the pretty colors and lights emanating from their television monitor.

Check out these sites, dedicated to the greatest (and loudest) rock band that ever lived, according to them:

  • is, guess what, a fan site that includes band news, a discography, a product store and MP3s of all of Tap's greatest hits. Go ahead—check it out. The Flower People are telling you to.
  • Fanpop gets in on the action with tons of Tap-related images and videos, for people who hate words.

The real fake band of Guest, Shearer, and McKean was still playing to huge audiences right up through 2009.

Contact Shmoop immediately if you ever hear about another reunion gig. We're there.

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