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This Is Spinal Tap Ian Faith (Tony Hendra)

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Ian Faith (Tony Hendra)

You Could Hear a Cricket Bat

Even Nigel's fiery temper is no match for Ian's. Did you see the way he destroyed that TV? And "cleaned up" that kitchen table?

Most of the time, he seems like he could be an earl, or a duke, or something. He's got that posh English accent, the short, finely coifed hair (compared to the other guys at least). He's in a position of authority, he's always in charge of keeping the peace. You'd think this guy would really have it together. But then he reaches for that bat of his:

IAN: Certainly, in the topsy-turvy world of heavy rock, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful.

Even sans bat, Ian has shown himself to be something of a loose cannon. He freaks out about the album cover. He freaks out about the Stonehenge thing. He freaks out about Jeanine.

IAN: Look, look...I...I...this is...this is my position okay? I am not managing it with you or any other woman, especially one that dresses like an Australian's nightmare. So f*** you!!!

JEANINE: F*** you too!!!

IAN: And f*** all of you...because I quit! Alright? That's it! Good night!!!

"Freaking out" seems to be Ian's natural state. That's what makes him entertaining to watch. If he really were just chill from start to finish, there wouldn't be enough contrast between himself and the members of Tap, who usually strike us as if they are heavily sedated. Ian needs to have that second, angrier gear, to remind us just how laid back the boys actually are.

To be fair, though, Jeanine does dress like an Australian's nightmare.

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