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This Is Spinal Tap The Mime Waiters (Dana Carvey and Billy Crystal)

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The Mime Waiters (Dana Carvey and Billy Crystal)

You know it's gonna be good when it's Dana Carvey and Billy Crystal.

These guys have cameos as waiter dressed up as mimes who serve appetizers at the opening tour party. It's a small but brilliant bit.

MORTY THE MIME: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. How come you got so much here?

MIME WAITER: I don't know, they're not eating it.

MORTY THE MIME: Did you do the wind?

MIME WAITER: I did the wind, I did the wind.

MORTY THE MIME: No, you don't push the wind away, the wind comes at you. Okay, change those, get the little dwarf cannolis. Come on, don't talk. Mime is money.

The Mime Waiter's not a pro—all he seems to do is point at his tray and point to his mouth.

Translation: eat these.

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