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This Is Spinal Tap Scenes 11-15

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Scenes 11-15

Scenes 11-15

Scene 11

  • At a recording industry convention in Atlanta, Ian and the band discuss some promotional issues in one of their hotel rooms.
  • Ian also alerts them that one of their concert dates has been canceled. Apparently, Boston has high standards all of a sudden.

Scene 12

  • In the hospitality suite of the hotel, while the band members mingle with recording industry bigwigs, Ian confronts Bobbi about some potential backlash concerning the proposed cover art for the new album.
  • From the sound of things, the members of the band probably aren't going to be invited to be the keynote speakers at a Women's Lib conference anytime soon.
  • The potential backlash becomes confirmed backlash when Denis talks to Ian over the phone, informing him that Polymer is not going to release the group's album because of the sexist cover. The band is told that the cover is the only thing holding up sales, and yet they seem unwilling to bend on the matter. It's a fine line between integrity and pigheadedness. (And no, that's not a crack about Eton-Hogg.)
  • Bobbi finally convinces them to entertain the notion of a compromise.

Scene 13

  • Marty learns that David and Nigel have known each other since they were eight years old. Apparently, that meeting somehow froze their maturity levels in time. A fascinating phenomenon.
  • David and Nigel sing a bit of the first song they ever wrote and performed together: "All the Way Home." Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the "This Little Piggy" nursery rhyme. (Once again, our apologies to Eton-Hogg.)

Scene 14

  • Spinal Tap is getting ready to perform at the Vandermint Auditorium in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • Backstage, there is incredible drama‚Ķas Nigel reveals that he's having several issues with the food trays that have been left in their dressing room. We feel you on the tiny bread, Nigel.

Scene 15

  • On stage, Nigel has fortunately been able to put the pimento-less olives out of his mind. The band performs one of their hits, "Hell Hole," to thunderous applause.

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