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This Is Spinal Tap Scenes 16-20

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Scenes 16-20

Scenes 16-20

Scene 16

  • Nigel introduces Marty to his vast guitar collection. Marty's impressed, even though at one point he's reprimanded for even pointing at one of the instruments.
  • Nigel then shows Marty a specialized amplifier he's very proud of. Unlike most amps, which have volume dials that go to ten, this one goes, well, one louder.
  • Marty suggests just making "10" the loudest, but Nigel isn't getting it. Apparently, this amp has the side effect of frying brain cells.

Scene 17

  • The band runs into a slight problem at their next stop, as their hotel has confused their request for seven suites with just a single suite on the seventh floor.
  • As Ian attempts to sort things out with the staff, Nigel, David and Derek prepare to be mobbed by a couple of excited fans, only to realize that the fans are on their way to mob a different musical sensation, Duke Fame, who happens to be staying in the same hotel. It's sad, but in a really funny way.
  • After Duke passes through the lobby, David and Nigel vent to Ian that their rival's album cover is dirtier than the one that's been giving them so much trouble, but Ian explains why Spinal Tap's cover is more offensive.
  • It's a real "The More You Know" moment.
  • Ian then breaks the news that their gig is canceled, "due to a lack of advertising funds." This manager doesn't seem to be doing a very good job managing.

Scene 18

  • Marty chats with Ian about how the typical size of a Spinal Tap venue has decreased dramatically in recent years. It seems they haven't exactly been putting up BeyoncĂ© numbers as of late.
  • Ian then shows off his cricket bat, and we get to see a few of the times that it's, um, come in handy. Wonder if it's ever actually been used to play cricket.

Scene 19

  • David is on a phone call with someone he's referring to as "Darling," so we're gonna guess…not his mother?
  • He gets his frustration about the gig cancellations off his chest, but then his mood is improved when he learns that his sweetheart, Jeanine, is going to be able to meet up with them on their Milwaukee stop. Nigel doesn't appear to belong to her fan club.
  • One of the group's old numbers comes on the radio, and everyone present gets caught up in this trip down Memory Lane.
  • It's a pleasant enough trip, until the DJ comes on the air and mentions that the band is "currently residing in the "Where are they now?" file."
  • Ouch. Did someone let a bee in here? Because that's gotta sting.

Scene 20

  • The band visits the gravesite of Elvis Presley at Graceland in Memphis. The experience inspires them to break into a painful rendition of "Heartbreak Hotel."
  • Why not? There are no laws against singing in a cemetery. Even if a few of the residents do suddenly start turning in their graves.

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