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This Is Spinal Tap Scenes 36-40

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Scenes 36-40

Scenes 36-40

Scene 36

  • Ah, well. The show must go on. Spinal Tap performs Stonehenge, as the "little children of Stonehenge" dance around the little Stonehenge. It's ridiculously comical. Sadly, that wasn't the band's intent.

Scene 37

  • In yet another hotel room, David loses his cool. Ian has been fouling up too many things for too long.
  • David proposes his idea that Jeanine co-manage the band with Ian, and Ian doesn't love the idea. He throws a hissy fit, screams a few words you're not allowed to shout in church, and quits.
  • So, looks like you've got the job to yourself, Jeanine. Congrats. You're hired.

Scene 38

  • As the band prepares to board a plane for their Denver gig, new band manager Jeanine passes out some charts she's been working on.
  • As she explains, she's done some work to decide exactly what steps they should take so as to be in accordance with all the constellations and whatnot.
  • Yeah, astrology is probably just what these guys need to pull them out of their slump.

Scene 39

  • Nigel talks to Marty about his relationship with David. He says that they're "closer than brothers." We're not sure what that means, but that might be a little too close. Anyway, he says they never fight or have disagreements. Cue a big fight.

Scene 40

  • The band is in the midst of a recording session at Rainbow Trout Studio when Nigel and David decide to get into it. They hurl a series of nonsensical insults at one another. It's intense.

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