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This Is Spinal Tap Scenes 41-45

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Scenes 41-45

Scenes 41-45

Scenes 41

  • Derek tries to explain away the conflict between David and Nigel, saying that they're both "visionaries" and "poets." It could just be us, but Derek may want to invest in a "dictionary." We're not sure those words mean what he thinks they mean.

Scene 42

  • In a limo on the way to Spinal Tap's next gig, the conversation isn't any less heated. It seems another gig fell through and they've been relegated to perform at an Air Force Base.
  • This doesn't sit well with Nigel, who's looking for any excuse to freak out on Jeanine. And freak out he does.

Scene 43

  • The members of the band are introduced to Lieutenant Hookstratten, who gives them the 411 about Lindberg Air Force Base, and about the "at-ease weekend" at which they'll be performing. There isn't much "at-ease" about the band, however. (See what we did there?)
  • In response to the lieutenant's request for a "slow number," the band settles on "Sex Farm Woman."
  • Unfortunately, the only "slow numbers" on display are David, Nigel and Derek.
  • Nigel finally snaps. He walks off stage mid-song after smashing his guitar, shoots one quick death stare at Jeanine, then leaves, effectively quitting the band.
  • This is getting to be more depressing than a season finale of Downton Abbey.

Scene 44

  • In a hotel lobby, Marty interviews David about Nigel's departure. David chalks it up to "the world of rock and roll."
  • He mentions that there have been 37 people in Spinal Tap over the years, and Nigel was just one of 'em. He'll get over it. (We don't think he'll get over it.)

Scene 45

  • Things don't seem to be going uphill. The band's next gig is at an amusement park, where a puppet show has gotten top billing. (Maybe the puppets are just opening for them?)
  • Backstage, they try to sort out who's going to cover what now that Nigel's gone. His absence is certainly going to be felt. Especially in terms of bared torsos.

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