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This Is Spinal Tap Scenes 6-10

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Scenes 6-10

Scenes 6-10

Scene 6

  • Back outside the castle, we learn about the unfortunate fate met by the band's previous drummers. Bizarre gardening accident; choking to death on vomit (not their own, btw). These guys definitely know how to create an intriguing headline.

Scene 7

  • We're now inside a ritzy-looking ballroom where an "opening night" party for Spinal Tap's North American tour ("Smell the Glove") is underway.
  • Bobbi Flekman, a woman who works in Artist Relations at Polymer Records (thanks again, captions), introduces the members of the band to the president of Polymer Records, Sir Denis Eton-Hogg. That's Hogg with two "G"s, so please, no wisecracks.
  • Wait. There are mimes serving apps at this party? DID OUR INVITATION GET LOST IN THE MAIL?

Scene 8

  • The band is on their way somewhere in a limo, and Nigel is in no mood to put up with their chatty driver. We get the sense this guy doesn't hold much back.
  • The band manager, Ian Faith, discusses with his more musical peeps some of the logistics of the upcoming tour. The band may have considered ditching this manager at some point, but you gotta have Faith.

Scene 9

  • The band performs what is likely the first stop on their tour, at Fidelity Hall in Philadelphia. They're killing it with a rendition of "Big Bottom." You will never guess what it's about. Oh. You guessed it was about big bottoms? Alright, then.

Scene 10

  • Marty reads the band some of the many negative reviews they've picked up over the years. Kind of hard to believe an album entitled "Shark Sandwich" wasn't universally acclaimed.

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