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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Fandoms

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Star Trek fans are called Trekkers, right? No? Trek-a-holics? Star Heads? Friends of Spock?

We kid. Everyone knows they're called "nerds."

Okay, that's really enough—especially given the fact that we've cosplayed as Starfleet officers too many times to count…

In many ways, Trekkies are the original fans. The first Star Trek convention was held in 1972, when Star Wars was but a twinkle in young George Lucas' eye. Later, a fan-led letter-writing campaign would be instrumental in the green-lighting of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which transformed a cult sci-fi series into a legit cultural touchstone.

That being said, the fandom isn't exactly enthralled with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. While the film has its fair share of defenders, many Trekkies criticize the film for its poor special effects, incomplete-feeling narrative, and—most importantly—those gosh-darned campfire scenes. 

Even with that caveat, however, we doubt there are many Star Trek fans out there who haven't seen the film, like, half a dozen times. Trekkies are many things, but uncommitted isn't one of them.

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