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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • Before the Paramount logo disappears from the screen, we're already swept away. Our destination: the desert planet known as Nimbus III, in the Neutral Zone.
  • Nimbus III is apparently known as the "Planet of Galactic Peace." Catchy.
  • We see a bald man in the distance. He's digging for something. As he works, another figure approaches from behind, riding a horse.
  • The digger, freaked out, readies his weapon, aiming it at the white-cloaked rider as he descends from his horse.
  • The rider says that he "thought weapons were forbidden on this planet." Galactic peace and all that, right?
  • The rider gets close to the digger and seems to be reading his mind. He starts talking about "secret pain" while the digger sobs. This is off to a weird start, huh?
  • The digger asks the rider where he got "this power." The rider refuses to answer, saying instead that the "power was within" the digger the whole time.
  • Overjoyed by this emotional release, the digger volunteers to help the rider. Apparently, the rider is looking for "ultimate knowledge," whatever that is, and he'll need a starship to find it.
  • Ah, says the digger, that'll be a problem—there are none of those here. The rider explains that he has his own way of nabbing a starship—before whipping off his hood and revealing pointy ears.
  • (If you aren't a Trekkie, this is probably confusing. The pointy ears reveal the rider to be a Vulcan, a super-advanced race of aliens who exclusively use logic to make decisions. Our main man Spock is half-Vulcan.)
  • The digger gets psyched when he realizes that his visitor is a Vulcan. His visitor chooses this as the optimal moment for a deep-bellied, slightly evil laugh. Not ominous at all.

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