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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • A Starfleet shuttle descends to the planet's surface under the cover of night. We see Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Sulu aboard, along with a gaggle of red shirts.
  • While the shuttle descends, Chekov opens a channel of communication with the mysterious Vulcan, claiming to be Enterprise's captain. Clever.
  • The shuttle lands. Meanwhile, Chekov plays good cop to the Klingon's bad cop. The Vulcan, undeterred, demands that Chekov and his first officer beam down to Paradise City.
  • While this happens, Spock and Kirk scope out the city. Spock says that it'll take them "1.2 hours" to reach it. Kirk, forever impatient, spies some nearby horses and hatches an alternative plan.
  • The owner of one of the horses is drinking water when he hears a melody begin to play. He looks up and sees a strange humanoid dancing in the moonlight. Quite seductively, we might add.
  • Lovestruck, the horseman jogs toward the dancing figure, joined in time by other local yokels. As they get closer, we realize with a chuckle that the dancing figure is Uhura.
  • Some crew members pop out and hold the yokels at gunpoint. Well, it works.
  • Now decked out in disguises, Kirk and the gang ride their stolen steeds into the city. They get past the gate unscathed but are eyed suspiciously by the bald digger.
  • Suddenly, Baldie shines a spotlight at the crew and exposes them as outsiders. Sulu shoots out the spotlight, and a battle commences.
  • The Vulcan hears the gunfire and freaks out, saying that he didn't want to cause any "bloodshed." He rushes outside.
  • Kirk single-handedly takes down several men, and Spock gives a Vulcan nerve pinch to a horse. Things are getting weird—and quite action-heavy, by Star Trek standards.
  • After kicking copious butt, Kirk enters the bar. He's immediately assaulted by an extra from Cats whom he dispatches with little effort.
  • Spock enters the bar. Immediately afterward, the three hostages appear. Kirk goes to help them, but they pull guns on him. What? They take Kirk and Spock as prisoners.
  • The surviving crew members are brought to the mysterious Vulcan. When he sees Spock, the strange leader approaches him, embracing him and saying his name.
  • Smiling, the Vulcan says that his name is Sybok. Not your best, Star Trek. Sybok can't believe that Spock has "finally caught up" with him "after all these years."
  • Sybok says that his next order of business is to "steal something" very important, and to do so, he'll need Enterprise. This was all part of his plan.
  • Sybok asks Spock to join him, but Spock flatly refuses.

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