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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • In the brig, Kirk freaks out on Spock for letting Sybok take over the ship. Spock, though apologetic for his seeming betrayal, says that he couldn't kill a "brother."
  • Kirk assumes that Spock is using the word metaphorically, but that ain't true. Spock and Sybok are half-brothers. Spock's mom is human, and Sybok's is a Vulcan princess—but they share the same daddy, Sarek.
  • Spock has never told Kirk any of this because he's never had any interest in discussing his personal life.
  • Uhura and Sulu enter the bridge. They tell a very confused Chekov that "Sybok will explain everything."
  • Sulu immediately starts plotting a new course, and Sybok enters the bridge. He starts whispering about "secret pain" to Chekov and casting him under the same strange spell as the others.
  • Meanwhile, Kirk is standing on Spock's shoulders, trying to find a way to climb through the roof of the brig. It's an utter failure.

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