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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • And we're off. The main Star Trek theme kicks into glorious action as we run through the film's opening credits.
  • Cred successfully attributed, we land on a planet with the sunrise beautifully framed in the center of a valley.
  • Oh, we're in Yosemite National Park. We had no idea. The date is "Stardate 8454.1," whatever that means.
  • A climber slowly ascends a mountain without a lick of support. We'd be scared out of our minds.
  • We finally see the climber's identity—it's Kirk, the hero of the Star Trek series. He's reached a tough handhold and can't seem to find a way up.
  • Below, his right-hand man, Leonard "Bones" McCoy, watches nervously through a set of binoculars.
  • Kirk, who seems to be in incredible shape for his age, takes a moment to survey his surroundings. He's interrupted by the sudden appearance of his other right-hand man, Spock, who seems to be hovering on some sort of small, flying craft.
  • The camera pans down, and we realize that Spock isn't on a hoverboard—he's wearing a pair of rocket boots. Because of course.
  • Spock informs Kirk that he has no chance of beating the free-climb record on this particular rock formation. Kirk balks. He's not trying to break a record; he's just trying to have a fun time.
  • Through a terrible gravity pun, Spock makes it clear that it's literally impossible for Kirk to reach the top of the mountain. This is then proven when Kirk falls off the side.
  • Rocket boots at maximum capacity, Spock barrels past an obvious green screen to save his friend, catching him by the toe mere meters from the ground.

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