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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Back on Nimbus III, a mysterious rider enters an alien bar in the deceptively named Paradise City. This place looks suspiciously like a certain watering hole of disrepute we've visited before...
  • The thin, robed figure enters a back room, where a Klingon and human are kicking back. She whips off her hood, revealing herself to be a classy Romulan lady, Caithlin Dar.
  • Apparently, Caithlin is the new representative for the Romulans, another alien race. The human introduces himself as John Talbot, and the Klingon introduces himself as Korrd. They both represent their respective governments.
  • Korrd belches. He made a funny.
  • The scene shifts to outside the city. The Vulcan seems to be leading a small army of fanatics, the bald digger included, toward the bar.
  • Inside, Caithlin talks about how the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans joined up together "20 years ago" to "develop this planet together," thereby starting a "new age."
  • Talbot guffaws—that "new age died a quick death." He says that the settlers, who were "conned" into coming there, have descended into barbarity in the years since.
  • Suddenly, alarms start blaring. The assault has begun.
  • The fanatical settlers break down the gates and overwhelm the guards. In their midst, we see the Vulcan on horseback. We're getting some serious messianic vibes here.
  • The triumvirate peeks outside, gets nervous, and skedaddles back into the bar. They try to send off a distress message but are stopped by the rebels.
  • The mysterious Vulcan appears and tells them that they're now his prisoners. Talbot doesn't understand why the dude wants this "worthless" planet, but the Vulcan explains that he simply wants the three of them. We smell a hostage scenario.

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