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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Several crafts approach a large space station.
  • In voice-over, Scotty, the chief engineer on Enterprise, talks about how the latest rendition of the USS Enterprise is shockingly shoddy.
  • To illustrate this, we cut to Scotty hard at work on the main bridge. He's joined by Uhura, the ship's communications officer, who helpfully hands him some grub.
  • Suddenly, a "red alert" starts blaring. Scotty assumes that it's just a malfunction, but Uhura realizes that it's an incoming message.
  • There's trouble in the Neutral Zone, the message says. Enterprise's crew must assemble—and quick.
  • Two of the crew members—Hikaru Sulu (Enterprise's pilot) and Pavel Chekov (its weapons officer and jack-of-all-trades)—are currently gallivanting through the woods. They're lost. Very lost.
  • As Sulu and Chekov walk, Uhura's message comes through. Shore leave is over, boys.
  • Elsewhere in the wild unknown, Spock, Kirk, and Bones are enjoying some classic camping grub. And not just any grub—the McCoy family's legendary beans.
  • The secret ingredient: whiskey.
  • Some fart jokes, a few musings on camaraderie, and one drunken sing-along of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" later, the trio sets up their sleeping bags and head to bed.

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