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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • The trio looks lovestruck as they approach Enterprise in a shuttle.
  • They head to the bridge, and it's obvious that Enterprise is in terrible condition. There are sparks and malfunctions galore.
  • A message comes through from Starfleet. The officer explains how a "terrorist force" has taken over Nimbus III and kidnapped its three ambassadors.
  • Kirk and Enterprise are to "assess the situation and avoid a confrontation, if possible." Knowing Kirk, we're just going to say that it's definitely not possible. Trust us.
  • No time to wait, says Kirk—they'll get Enterprise back in working condition on the way to Nimbus III.
  • Well, this'll be something.
  • Meanwhile, Klaa and kompany have learned that Enterprise is heading for Nimbus III, too. Klaa is psyched—if he can kill Kirk, he'll be known as "the greatest warrior in the galaxy."
  • Uhura informs Kirk that they've received the "hostage information." Kirk is shocked that General Korrd had been assigned to the backwater post, as his "military strategies" are legendary.
  • Next up, we're shown a video of the hostages. Caithlin, talking to the camera, says that the trio surrendered peacefully to the "Galactic Army of the Light." Catchy name.
  • Caithlin continues: the group is in the army's "protective custody" and will be released if the Federation accedes to their leader's demands.
  • In the video, the camera pans down to said leader. He apologizes for his "desperate act" but claims that it was his only choice.
  • Spock has a strange look on his face as he watches this. He turns to his computer and takes a closer look at the leader.
  • Kirk observes that Spock looks like he's seen a ghost. Spock ominously responds that perhaps he has. Juicy.

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