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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Production Studio

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Production Studio

Paramount Pictures

There are six films in the original Star Trek series, and every stinking one of them was produced by Paramount Pictures, whose television subsidiary also produced the original television series.

Despite this long relationship, things were tense in Star Trek Town during the making of The Undiscovered Country. The previous film, The Final Frontier, was the first real flop of the series, earning disappointing box office results and an unrepentant evisceration by movie critics. With this failure in mind, producers exerted strict control over the film's development and frequently butted heads with director Nicholas Meyer over financial matters.

This marks the last time the studio would work with Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the series. Roddenberry was involved in the initial development of the film, as he had been in previous ones, but he died soon before the film premiered. Although the relationship between Paramount and Roddenberry wasn't always gravy, together they helped create one of the most iconic series of all time.

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