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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • It turns out that Kirk is fist-fighting with a blue, horned alien at the moment. Well, that's something.
  • Kirk gets beaten badly, but he manages to break the alien's kneecaps before the dude delivers the death blow. That was close.
  • Martia reveals that those were not the alien's knees but its genitals. Did you really have to tell us that?
  • But that's not the main topic of discussion—Martia wants to help Kirk escape.
  • Later, Kirk and McCoy chat while they lie in their bunks. Kirk talks about how "terrified" he was by the notion of peace with the Klingons. He now realizes that Spock was right.
  • Kirk also suspects that whoever killed Gorkon will be planning another assassination, given that the peace talks are resuming. And they've got to stop it.
  • Suddenly, Martia appears. That's creepy, girl.
  • Martia says that she can get Kirk and McCoy outside of the shield, but she needs them to beam them out once they're on the surface. Cool beans, says Kirk.
  • And then Martia and Kirk make out. McCoy rolls his eyes.
  • The three will meet up at seven in the morning before mining duty.

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