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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • On Enterprise, Chekov touches a small splatter of pink liquid in the transporter room. He looks at it through a portable microscope.
  • It's Klingon blood. Spock claims that this evidence corroborates his theory. Now it's time to look through the crewmembers' uniforms for more bloodstains. Everybody's uniforms.
  • The effort is frenzied. Finally, someone locates a single gravity boot in a locker marked with the name Dax. Score.
  • Meanwhile, McCoy and Kirk get on a lift for mining duty.
  • Crewman Dax enters the room. It's immediately obvious that he couldn't have worn the boots, as his feet are large and oddly shaped. Valeris responds to this with a strange look...
  • Back in the gulag, Kirk and McCoy realize with a shock that Martia is in the elevator with them—though she doesn't look like she usually does. Girl's a giant yeti beast now. Sure makes that make-out sesh feel weird, huh?
  • After the three exit the elevator, Martia transforms into a child so that she can escape her restraints. She must be a shapeshifter. Things are getting weirder and weirder.
  • The three creep through a narrow passageway. It ends in front of a large cliff, which they climb.
  • After our heroes ascend, they reach the frozen surface, passing by several rigid bodies as they go.
  • And so our heroes walk—for a really long time, if the slow music and crossfades are any indication.
  • Finally, our heroes reach the sheer face of a cliff. Is this the end?
  • Aboard Enterprise, Spock observes that Kirk and McCoy are nearing the edge of the shield. He prepares the crew to make a rescue.
  • As this happens, McCoy collapses. He says that he's "finished." Kirk explains that Spock slapped a tracking device on him before they left, which means that they will be rescued.
  • A Klingon officer sees Enterprise on the radar as it barrels toward Rura Penthe. He contacts Enterprise to determine if it's a Klingon vessel, and Uhura makes a rather laughable attempt to speak Klingon back to them.
  • It somehow works. Klingons must be dumb, after all.
  • Meanwhile, our trio of escapees sets up a makeshift camp as night falls.
  • Martia reveals that she's a "Chameloid," also known as a shapeshifter. As they talk, Kirk strolls up to her and casually punches her in the face. Huh?
  • Kirk claims that Martia's setting them up. This turns out to be true: Martia was offered a full pardon for snaring them in a trap.
  • Martia transforms into Kirk and head-butts McCoy. Okay, guys, the weirdness levels are now off the charts.
  • The two Kirks fight. We swear we've dreamed this before.
  • The duel is interrupted by a group of Klingon warriors. These must be the folks who paid Martia off.
  • Although they don't know which Kirk is which, the Klingons go ahead and blast one of them. Luckily, it's the shapeshifter. Good guess, guys.
  • Just as the villains are about to reveal their big plot, Spock beams Kirk and McCoy aboard the ship. Frankly, Kirk is more ticked about the missed intel than he is grateful for having his life saved.

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