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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Scotty is sipping coffee in a conference room when he notices a rattling vent. He opens it up and finds a space suit—presumably one worn by an assassin.
  • Meanwhile, Chang receives a message from the Klingons who were hunting Kirk. Could he be behind the plot? We don't find out for sure, but he orders his ship to intercept Enterprise.
  • Spock catches Kirk up on everything they've learned so far. While he does, Scotty appears with the spacesuit.
  • As if on cue, our heroes open a door and see two unconscious crewmembers. Scotty says that these crewmembers are Burke and Samno—the two men to whom the spacesuits belong.
  • Burke and Samno are dead—killed by stun blasts from a phaser shot from a tight distance. McCoy wonders why they weren't vaporized.
  • Kirk pulls Spock aside and whispers something in his ear. Spock responds by simply saying, "It's possible." Sounds juicy. We want to hear.
  • Suddenly, a "Code Blue" rings through the ship saying that Samno and Burke will be interrogated in the sick bay. We thought they were dead?
  • A figure creeps into the darkened sick bay with a phaser in hand. This figure approaches two figures who are lying in bed.
  • Suddenly, one of the figures—Spock—turns on a light and reveals the intruder. It's none other than Valeris. Dun dun dun. Spock tells her to shoot him. She doesn't.
  • Kirk pops up a moment later. So does McCoy. Spock knocks the phaser out of Valeris' hand. Dang.
  • The crew surrounds Valeris on the bridge. She claims that they have no evidence against her, but Kirk argues that her thievery of his captain's log is proof enough.
  • Valeris claims that she was just "saving Starfleet." She uses Kirk's critical words against the Klingons as further evidence of this.
  • While she talks, Kirk realizes that Valeris was collaborating with some Klingons. She won't reveal their names, however.
  • Spock doesn't let up. He performs a Vulcan mind meld on her, which is basically a fancy way of saying he's reading her mind.
  • The collaborators are Admiral Cartwright, General Chang, and the Romulan Ambassador Nanclus. Spock tries to determine the location of the peace conference, but Valeris doesn't know it.
  • Spock tells the crew to contact Excelsior. Sulu, defiant of Starfleet orders, tells them that the conference is occurring at Camp Khitomer, near the Romulan border.
  • Kirk tells Excelsior to meet Enterprise at the conference ASAP for backup.

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