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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • We're taken to a pleasant-looking planet—presumably Camp Khitomer. Inside a building, the Federation President is giving a speech to representatives from several species, including the Klingons.
  • Chang's ship goes into stealth mode as it approaches the planet. Not good, folks.
  • Enterprise is close behind. They won't be able to see Chang's ship, but they might be able to locate it by tracking its neutron radiation surge.
  • Everyone looks super nervous as they approach the planet.
  • Suddenly, Enterprise receives a message from Chang mocking them for their inability to find him. He drops some more Shakespeare as well, because that's just how the dude rolls.
  • The Klingon ship launches a torpedo. Enterprise shakes violently, but Kirk tells the ship to back off. The Klingon vessel launches another direct hit. As this happens, Excelsior nears the scene.
  • On the surface, Azetbur is giving a speech about her father's idealism. Behind the scenes, a Klingon is seen walking through the hallways with a briefcase.
  • Another torpedo slams into Enterprise. Another Shakespeare quote gets spat out by Chang.
  • Aboard Enterprise, Spock realizes that they might be able to jerry-rig a torpedo to hone in on Chang's ship by programming it to track its fuel exhaust. He and McCoy rush down to the torpedo bay.
  • Meanwhile, the briefcase-carrying Klingon, now above the stage, cuts a circular hole with a direct view of Azetbur. Wonder what that's for.
  • Finally, Excelsior arrives. It eats a torpedo. Yum.
  • Amid the assault, Spock and McCoy perform electronic surgery on a torpedo. Hurry up, dudes. Finally, they finish their work and ready it for action.
  • It's a direct hit. With the target locked, Enterprise and Excelsior unleash a barrage of fire and vaporize Chang's ship. His last words: "To be, or not to be."
  • Kirk and his posse beam into the conference room as the assassin is about to pull the trigger. Kirk tries to push him aside, but the assassin lets loose an errant shot.
  • The conspirators are rounded up, and Scotty takes down the assassin before he kills Valeris. That was fast.
  • Kirk gives a big speech about Gorkon and his ideas on "the undiscovered country." He shares a bonding moment with Azetbur overs the deaths of their family members.
  • Commence the applause, peeps. The day is won.

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