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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • A shuttle approaches a large space station. It's dropping off Captain Kirk and crew at Enterprise.
  • Lieutenant Valeris, a Vulcan, stands at attention as the old crew boards. She seems to know Spock. She also seems like a stickler for the rules.
  • Time to roll out. Everyone takes position and prepares Enterprise for departure.
  • Classic Star Trek music swells. We see the ship for the first time as it exits the space dock.
  • In his log, Kirk talks about how his distrust of Klingons is rooted in his son's death at their hands, which happened back in Star Trek III.
  • Kirk's interrupted by Valeris. The ship is almost at the rendezvous location.
  • Later, Spock performs some sort of Vulcan ritual with Valeris. We learn that Spock was her sponsor in Starfleet Academy.
  • Valeris seems nervous about the historical "turning point" they find themselves at, but Spock tells her to have faith.
  • Spock also says that this will be his final voyage aboard Enterprise. He tells Valeris that she will be the one to take his place.
  • Valeris is...perhaps confused. Regardless, she accepts the offer.
  • The two are interrupted by an announcement: a Klingon vessel is approaching.
  • Kirk enters the bridge and sees the ship pass. The two vessels are so close to one another. It's weird.
  • After a long moment, Kirk opens a channel of communication. Chancellor Gorkon responds. He reveals that the ship is named Kronos One.
  • Kirk invites Gorkon and his bros aboard for dinner.
  • Valeris suggests that they break out some "Romulan ale" for dinner, and Kirk quickly agrees.

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