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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Kirk is looking at a picture of his dead son before bed. Bummertown: population 1.
  • Before Kirk can go to sleep, however, Spock orders him to the bridge.
  • Spock tells Kirk that there seems to be a great deal of radiation emanating from within Enterprise. The two struggle to figure this out as they nurse brutal Romulan ale hangovers.
  • Suddenly, a photon torpedo launches from Enterprise into Kronos One. What the hey? No one authorized that.
  • This is bad, folks. Another torpedo slams into the ship, this time destroying Kronos One's artificial gravity system.
  • Scotty tells Kirk some strange news: those torpedoes didn't come from Enterprise. She's still fully stocked.
  • Meanwhile, two figures in full space suits beam aboard Kronos One. They start blasting away, and it's surprisingly gory for a Star Trek movie.
  • Finally, the two figures reach Gorkon and shoot him in the chest. Whoa. Things sure took a turn, eh?
  • The crew of Enterprise knows that something bad is happening aboard Kronos One but can't figure out what. As they try, the two assassins transport off the ship.
  • Chang fixes the gravity system and radios Kirk, verbally assailing him for destroying their peacemaking efforts. He threatens revenge.
  • Kirk refuses to take responsibility for the attack, but Spock checks the data logs and confirms the news—the torpedoes indeed came from Enterprise.
  • Kronos One arms its weapons, but instead of putting up shields, Kirk tells Chekov to signal their surrender.
  • Kirk says that he's going aboard, unarmed. McCoy volunteers to join him.
  • Time to parlay, y'all.
  • Kirk and McCoy are led through Kronos One by several Klingon warriors. There are bodies everywhere.
  • Kirk and McCoy reach Gorkon, who's being tended to by Azetbur and Chang. Chang is ticked, but he agrees to let McCoy work his medical magic.
  • There's good news: Gorkon has a pulse. Within a few moments, McCoy has Gorkon moving once again, though his minimal knowledge of Klingon anatomy limits his abilities.
  • McCoy's solution: beating Gorkon's chest until he wakes up, which seems all right, if a bit brutal. When he comes to, Gorkon begs Kirk to not let it "end this way."
  • And then Gorkon dies. Oh, well.
  • Chang puts Kirk and McCoy under arrest for assassination. Uh-oh.
  • Spock takes control of Enterprise. He tells Uhura to contact Starfleet HQ. Valeris demands that they prevent the Klingons from arresting Kirk and McCoy, but Spock wants a peaceful solution.
  • First, Spock's got to figure out why Enterprise launched those torpedoes.
  • Despite Spock's confidence in the data logs, however, Scotty flat-out disagrees with the assessment that the torpedoes came from Enterprise.

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