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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Music (Score)

Music (Score)

Jerry Goldsmith

Talk about epic.

Featuring the first appearance of what would become the Star Trek theme song, Academy-Award winner Jerry Goldsmith's score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture sets the film's tone in a major way.

Having worked in Hollywood for more than twenty years, Goldsmith was the perfect choice to helm such a big project. In fact, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry had actually wanted him to produce the music for the original series. Goldsmith must not have disappointed him either, because would go on to score four other Star Trek films and contribute work to several of its series.

Although the score features many pounding, martial songs befitting interstellar conflict, there are plenty of pieces that bring an emotional aspect to the film. The aforementioned main theme is a great example: it went through major revisions before reaching the impressively triumphant state we find it in today.

Likewise, "Ilia's Theme" is a piece of music that develops throughout the film, popping up in unlikely places and enriching the meaning of those scenes. If you missed this subtle development the first time around, then be sure to watch the film again to make sure you don't miss out on any of these tasty sound morsels.