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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • After a rousing rendition of the classic Star Trek theme song, we fade in on a blue nebula with some sort of object at its center.
  • We hard cut to three sleek ships as they cruise through space. If you've ever watched the original Star Trek series, then you know that these are Klingon spacecrafts.
  • And if you haven't watched the original Star Trek series, you know they look awesome nonetheless.
  • This is confirmed when we enter the dark, red-lit bridge and see a few of those high-forehead-having hooligans.
  • They blast a few torpedoes into the nebula, though it's unclear what they're shooting at. Soon after being fired, their shots suddenly disappear from the tracking screen.
  • This apparently freaks them out, because the commander orders the crew to take evasive actions. Everyone skedaddles.
  • The scene shifts to a space station. We hear a voice over the intercom: "This is comm. station Epsilon Nine calling U.S.S. Columbia. Come in, Columbia. Respond, please."
  • Inside the comm tower, we learn that the Klingons attacked the nebula because they think it's an "enormous power field surrounding [an] alien vessel." They're still blasting away, apparently.
  • We cut back to the battle in progress. A massive energy blast bursts forth from the nebula and obliterates one of the ships. All three end up zapped to oblivion.
  • The communication officers are watching this with great interest. They're concerned because the energy cloud is moving—and it's headed straight towards Earth.

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