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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • There's a man in ragged clothing kneeling and bowing. Real Trekkies know this dude already: it's Spock. He's a member of our main crew of heroes and is half-human and half-Vulcan, which is an alien species.
  • The planet he's on looks pretty nasty, complete with volcanoes and lava rivers. Spock is woken from his concentration by a loud noise.
  • He walks beside a river of lava and approaches three people in ornamental robes. They give each other the Vulcan salute, which is a hand motion used by their species to convey the message, "Live long and prosper."
  • A woman in a robe starts talking about ancestors and stuff. Here's what you need to know context-wise: the Vulcans were once a very violent and emotional species, but at some point in their history began actively suppressing emotions and using only logic to make decisions.
  • This is a Big Deal for them, so expect it to come back around.
  • Anyway, the lady starts talking about "Kolinahr," which is the ritual through which a Vulcan abandons his or her emotions. And it looks like Spock is about to pass the test.
  • To honor the ceremony, the woman goes to place a necklace on Spock, but he suddenly puts up his hand and stops her. Huh? He looks as confused as we are.
  • The woman asks Spock to give her "his thoughts." Here's some more context: Vulcans can do something called a "Vulcan mind meld" by placing their hands on someone's face, giving them full access to their thoughts. Useful, huh?
  • It seems that a "consciousness" has been calling to Spock from space. According to the woman, this consciousness is speaking directly to his human side.
  • Her verdict? No Kolinahr for you. The trio walks away, but the woman drops the necklace as she goes.

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