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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • We cut to a space station in orbit.
  • In the Star Trek universe, people can teleport across vast distances using a transporter, which is a large machine housed in a room. We watch one perform its magic inside the station.
  • And who's coming in? Good old "Admiral" Kirk (we guess he was promoted). He's met by Scotty, who was the chief engineering officer on the original Star Trek series.
  • There seem to be a lot of issues with the Enterprise, which is set to be relaunched in twelve hours.
  • Kirk knows that this is a problem, but he discreetly tells Scotty that the killer alien cloud is only three days from Earth. The Enterprise is the only ship close enough to stop it.
  • The room they're standing in separates from the space station and begins floating away. To Scotty's surprise, Kirk announces that Starfleet has again given him control of the Enterprise.
  • Their pod seems to be floating towards a large structure. Both men look with amazement as it finally comes into view: it's the Enterprise being worked on in a space dock.
  • And you can bet your butt we hear a variation of the main theme as we slowly caress the curves of the Enterprise. And boy do we mean slowly.
  • They dock with the ship. Kirk surveys the hustle and bustle with a great deal of pride.
  • Next stop: the bridge. Kirk is so excited that he takes a moment of silence during the elevator ride.
  • The bridge is not in the pristine shape we last saw it in. There's a commotion of activity as people prepare the ship for its early launch.
  • Finally, Kirk emerges. He's not looking too pleased, but he feels better when he sees a familiar face: Uhura, the Enterprise's communication officer on the originals series.
  • Everyone gathers around. We see Chekov and Sulu, both from the original series.
  • Kirk asks where Captain Decker is, and Sulu explains that he's in the engineering department. He has no idea Kirk has stolen his job.
  • He finds Decker working with Scotty and lets loose the "good news": Decker can stay on as an executive officer, but Kirk is taking the lead.
  • Decker seems ticked. Kirk tries to apologize, calling him by his first name, Will. These two seem to know each other.
  • Suddenly, there's a small explosion: a problem with the transporter. And someone is in the process of using it. Kirk and Scotty run to the transporter room.
  • They find a strange sight there: strange, screaming, demonic imps wriggling in the teleporter beams. Or at least that's the best description we can muster.
  • This, apparently, is how you die from a transporter malfunction. It's pretty gruesome. Oh yeah, and that was Commander Sonak, the science officer, in there. See ya, Sonak.
  • Still shaken, Kirk runs into Decker. He tells him what happened to Sonak and requests that the new science officer be Vulcan.
  • There are "none available," says Decker snarkily. Kirk, ever ready to fight fire with fire, announces that Decker will be pulling double duty as science officer from now on. Cold.

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