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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Kirk enters the bridge as the crew performs their preparations. Uhura announces that Lieutenant Ilia, the navigator, has arrived. And she's Deltan, whatever that means.
  • Based on Ilia's appearance, the Deltan are a species of bald, beautiful ladies.
  • Ilia and Decker seem to know each other. Their longing looks make us think that they knew each other very well.
  • Uhura has another message: the final six crew members are about to arrive. The only problem is that one of them doesn't want to get on the transporter.
  • Kirk heads to the transporter room. He watches as a bearded man in the most 70s outfit ever appears. This is Leonard "Bones" McCoy, the medical officer from the original series and Kirk's bro for life.
  • Bones didn't want to come back on the ship, but was basically conscripted into service, most likely at the behest of Kirk.
  • The lights are shutting off in the Enterprise's space dock as the crew performs their final checks. With that, the ship powers on.
  • The Enterprise lumbers forward. Kirk gives the order to travel at half of "warp" speed, which is Star Trek's brand of faster-than-light travel.

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