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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • And they're off.
  • Kirk performs one of his patented captain logs, explaining that they're planning to do something risky by moving at warp speeds within the solar system. They have no other choice.
  • Kirk radios down to engineering and tells them to kick up the warp drive. Scotty warns him against it, saying that it could mess up the entire system, but Kirk won't stop pushing.
  • They go into Warp 1 and everything seems swell. Then, suddenly, the warp field changes from blue to red and everyone's features start getting warped.
  • That can only mean one thing: they're in a wormhole.
  • They see a small asteroid ahead of them. It seems to have been pulled into the wormhole alongside them.
  • This is a bad situation. Kirk wants to blast the asteroid using phasers, but Decker demands that they shoot photon torpedoes instead.
  • They blow up the asteroid at the last possible second, somehow freeing them from the wormhole. No—we're not sure about the science either.
  • Everyone is shaken, but no worse for the wear. Even the Enterprise seems to be in decent condition.
  • There is one problem, says Scotty: the warp drive is malfunctioning, which caused the wormhole issue in the first place.
  • Kirk leaves the bridge, telling Decker to come with him to his office. Bones decides to tag along just because he can.
  • The Admiral is ticked that Decker overrode his orders. Decker explains that shooting the phasers would have destroyed the ship and Kirk reluctantly accepts his explanation.
  • Decker speaks frankly, telling Kirk that he's been out of the game for too long, which puts the whole mission at risk. Kirk looks at him like he wants to throw him into open space.
  • After leaving Kirk's office, Decker runs into Ilia. Their interaction makes it clear that they are former lovers, and that Decker had left the Deckilia (Iliacker?) duo due to his duties with Starfleet.
  • Back in the office, Bones is giving Kirk a talking-to. He says that Kirk has an "obsession" with the Enterprise that's clouding his judgment.
  • Uhura interrupts with a message: a Federation shuttle wants to dock with the ship. They don't know what's going on with it, but they suspect it's carrying a message.
  • Back to business: Kirk is now mad at Bones, too. Seems like this dude isn't into self-examination.

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