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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • We watch as the shuttle approaches the Enterprise from the rear. It performs a series of aerial acrobatics before docking.
  • There's only one occupant: Spock. He's a lot better dressed than the last time we saw him.
  • Spock immediately asks Decker if he can sit down at his science station. He explains that he's heard about the problem and wants to help.
  • Everyone tries to act warm to their old friend, but he doesn't give them anything back. Seems to still be focused on losing those emotions, huh?
  • Spock gets to work immediately, repairing the warp drive so the Enterprise can reach the alien cloud before it gets within a day of Earth.
  • It's pretty tense as they chug all the way up to Warp 7, but everything goes perfectly.

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