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Star Wars: A New Hope Scene 42

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Scene 42

Scene 42

  • The Death Star begins its orbit of Yavin. The moon hosting the rebel base will be in targeting range in 30 minutes (read: movie minutes, a.k.a. an eternity for a military offensive).
  • In the hangar, Han is packing up his reward to pay back Jabba.
  • Luke confronts him, saying the rebels could use a good pilot like him, but Han counters that a reward isn't worth much if you don't get to use it. Touché.
  • Luke leaves, and Chewie growls gloomily. Han insists he knows what he's doing.
  • Leia runs into Luke, who's upset over Han's decision.
  • Leia reminds him that Han will have to choose his own path.
  • Special Edition Extra Scene 2
  • Luke runs into Biggs, his friend from Tatooine. Luke says he has stories to share with his old friend.
  • The Leader of Red Squadron interrupts the two to ask if Luke can handle the X-Wing. Biggs vouches for his friend's piloting skills.
  • Biggs says he has to get ready, but he'll listen to Luke's stories when they get back. Yeah… Biggs isn't coming back.

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