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Star Wars: A New Hope Courage

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With the exception of C-3PO, the heroes of Star Wars display a tremendous amount of courage. Everyone else has the temperament of a rip-roaring adventurer. Luke pines for adventures in the galaxy. Han Solo will go up against incredible odds, even if his courage needs to be bolstered with the promise of a paycheck. (Hey, he earns it.) Obi-Wan Kenobi has the courage to sacrifice himself for the greater good. The vast amount of courage on display in the film guarantees the trait's inclusion on this themes list. Of course, it's easy to be courageous when you're sporting some of the shiniest plot armor in the business.

Questions About Courage

  1. Who would you say is the most courageous character in the film? Why is this character's courage important to the film's story and themes?
  2. In a film overstuffed with courageous heroes, what purpose does the cowardly C-3PO serve in the story? Do you see this role as necessary or not?
  3. Would you say any of the villainous characters display courage? If so, who? How does your answer affect your reading of this theme?

Chew on This

Connected with the theme of coming of age, Luke's courage matures from a youthful, brazen adventurousness to a more mature courage.

In Star Wars, courage leads to action and action results in the greater good. Uncle Owen lacks courage, leading to his inaction, for which he pays the price.

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