Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

Dreams, hopes, and plans are the driving force behind Star Wars' story. Every character has a simple goal. As they try to accomplish that goal, their plans conflict with another character's, and that's when the drama and action of the story picks up.

Luke wants to leave Tatooine and become a Jedi, but Uncle Own isn't too keen on the notion. Leia wants to protect the Rebels, but Grand Moff Tarkin wants to destroy them. Han Solo would enjoy not having a price on his head. Even the droids have hopes they wish to fulfill… even if C-3PO's dream is to not be shot at. Ultimately, all of the characters with worthy dreams manage to accomplish them, while the characters with more odious desires are defeated.

Questions About Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

  1. Does any character not achieve their dream in the film? If so, who and how does this affect your reading of the theme? If not, why not?
  2. Does Luke really achieve his dreams and goals by the film's ending? Why or why not?
  3. Does the film suggest the character's dreams are achieved by personal struggle or inevitable destiny? Based on your answer, how does this change your reading of the theme?

Chew on This

Han Solo is the only character to have his goal in the film change. For the other characters, their original motivation is the one they stick with throughout.

Connecting with the theme of Good vs. Evil, Star Wars's hero characters are granted their dreams while the villains are not. Like in morality play or Saturday morning cartoon, the lesson is clear: do good things to receive your karmic reward.

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