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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Snoke (Andy Serkis)

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Snoke (Andy Serkis)

Looks Like Voldemort's Cuz

Remember those creepy old men we talked about in Kylo Ren's section? The latest model just shipped.

Supreme Leader Snoke apparently stepped in to fill the void left by the death of Emperor Palpatine, leading the First Order in various bits of space fascist mayhem and resolutely snuffing out all that is cool and awesome in the Star Wars universe.

We don't see much of him save in giant holographic image form, but we can infer that he's serving the same basic role as the Emperor did in Episodes IV-VI: ruling the bad guys with an iron fist and presumably single-handedly keeping the galactic skin cream industry in business.

Beside the ripe evil, we know mainly that he was responsible for turning Ren to the dark side and ensuring that the reborn Jedi order was conveniently wiped out. Han and Leia certainly blame him for the loss of their son:

HAN: We lost our son, forever.

LEIA: No. It was Snoke. He seduced our son to the dark side.

So, getting rid of the First Order presumably means getting rid of Snoke. Clearly our heroes are not up for that just yet. Even if they were, there's still Kylo Ren to get through…and though he may be a little weasel, he's a very angry weasel with Force powers.

They're going to need to build up to Snoke, meaning that that particular boss fight can only be hinted at here. Let's hope Rey is up to the challenge.

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